Diamond Head
O'ahu, Hawaii
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Wm. Michael Reid
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Dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. John W. Reid
for all of their loving support.
"Miami Splash: Dive Into Fashion III"
Swimwear Showcase.
July 19th - 21st, 2013 -- Miami Beach. FL
Catalina Hotel & Beach Club.
Calendar of Events:
Fashion On The Hudson V
July 13, 2013 -- New York, NY
Miami Splash: Dive Into Fashion
III - Swimwear Showcase
July 19-21, 2013 -- Miami Beach, FL
Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris
September 27-29, 2013 -- Paris, France
New York Men's Fashion Week
October 19, 2013 -- New York, NY
Pro Bowl Week in Hawaii
January 22-27, 2014 -- Honolulu, HI
XM Live @ Super Bowl XLVIII
January 31 - February 2, 2014 -- NYC
Stay tuned for more events ...
For event details, contact:.Special Events.& Twitter.
"Pro Bowl Week in Hawaii"
w/ XM Fashion Luau
January 22nd - 27th, 2014
Honolulu, Hawaii
Game Tickets to the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl,
Pre-Game Tailgate Party, Pro Bowl Party,
Waikiki Beach events: Surfing, Snorkeling,
Scuba Diving, and Beach Volleyball,
Pearl Harbor City Tour, Ambassador Lu'au,
"Experience All Of Polynesia" PCC Tour,
Helicopter Tours, and so much more!
Special Events.for more details.
"SURRENDER yourself to total LUXURY"
Guest Rooms. ... Elegance and refinement
seamlessly blend with breathtaking views ...
You'll find everything you'd expect in a
world-class hotel ... and much more.
Halekulani.has been hosting visitors to
Waikiki Beach for nearly 100 years. Today, its
reputation for gracious hospitality, impeccable
service and magnificent cuisine is unequaled on
Oahu and renowned throughout the world.
"Pro Bowl In Paradise"
On the Beach at Waikiki
Hot 93.9 - KJMZ.invites everyone to experience
the hottest promotion to ever hit Honolulu.
Pearl Harbor City Tour
Arizona Memorial. * Aloha Stadium.
Historic Downtown Honolulu.
(Includes: Iolani Palace, Kamehameha Statue)
State Capitol - Honolulu.
National Cemetery of the Pacific ("Punchbowl").
The Polynesian Cultural Center
presents Hawaii's #1 Paid Attraction ...
Experience All Of Polynesia.
Take a Guided Tour of seven Polynesian cultures.
2014 NFL Pro Bowl
January 26th, 2014 --
Aloha Stadium.
My Favorite Links:
*.National Football League.
*.Nat'l Basketball Association.
*.Vail Cascade Resort, CO.
* Royal Hawaiian Center.
* Polynesian Cultural Center
Dedicated to the memory of our
fellow Americans who perished
on September 11th, 2001 ...
Photo Gallery: Highlights from my "Pro Bowl Week in Hawaii" Vacation * 2006 NFL Pro Bowl * February 6-13, 2006
Wm. Michael Reid sharing a bit of history w/
tour officials at the
U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.
Wm. Michael Reid receives a warm Aloha
greeting at the
Polynesian Cultural Center.
Wm. Michael Reid w/ Nelson Arlos
& Joy Tomita of the
Halekulani Resort.
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